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IPQualityScore Reviews & Testimonials
As a leading fraud prevention company since 2011, IPQS delivers a powerful suite of user and transaction scoring tools that reduce risk and prevent chargebacks, fraudulent transactions, phishing, fake accounts, and more. The company’s solutions are built to meet the needs of all sized businesses and include accurate proxy & VPN detection & filtering, email verification & validation, device fingerprinting, and more. This Link: ipqualityscore.com Customer Feedback

Industry-Specific Feedback on IPQualityScore

With the help of IPQS, e-commerce businesses are able to detect a wide range of suspicious activity that may cause a loss in revenue and profits. This is especially true for companies that have a high volume of online sales or subscribers. This is because these visitors may be using a fake or stolen payment card, or they could be trying to commit fraud by making multiple purchases through the same account. This type of fraudulent activity can result in costly chargebacks, refund requests, and more.

IPQS provides an array of anti-fraud services designed to protect e-commerce businesses from fraudsters and other malicious users. These tools and features are geared to provide a better customer experience, boost sales, and generate a higher ROI. The suite of tools includes proxy & VPN detection, email address verification, and device fingerprinting.

The proxy detection feature enables users to detect if an IP is part of an open proxy, Tor node, VPN, hosting provider, spammers, criminal networks, and malware & spyware. It also helps users identify the quality of an IP by indicating whether it is residential or corporate, as well as classifying the connection type. The service can be accessed by deploying a JavaScript tag or via the API to identify potentially bad sources of traffic or click fraud. It also helps users verify whether an email is valid by ensuring that it is verified with the mail service provider and is not a temporary or disposable email.

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