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A civil litigation lawyer is a legal professional well versed in many aspects of New York law. Civil litigation cases include contract disputes, property issues, negligence claims and even class-action lawsuits. The ultimate goal of a civil litigation attorney is to honor an agreement, make right a wrong, or obtain compensation for injury.

Which specialization is best in law?

The job of a civil litigation lawyer attorney is often very time consuming and demanding. They must remain current with any changes in laws that could affect the case. They also spend a large amount of time in the discovery stage of a case where information that may help or hurt the case is uncovered. They must also be able to communicate well with their clients and any other witnesses or parties that may be involved in the case.

Litigation is a complex and confusing process that can easily cost a person or business more than they originally intended to pay. A good civil litigation lawyer will work to avoid these pitfalls. For instance, they will ensure that paperwork is submitted within the proper deadlines, and that they are aware of any potential bias or unfair treatment from a judge or other party involved in the case. They will also set the case up for appeal if they are unsuccessful in getting what they want from the court. In addition to these things, they will likely have a paralegal or articling student help with some of the paperwork and filing duties so that the lawyer can focus on the case.

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