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Drive Thru Markings

Drive Thru Markings  are painted lines on a drive-thru showing where cars should momentarily park while waiting for their food. If these lines are visible, they help to improve the flow of traffic, and they can help reduce congestion and minor accidents. However, over time, these pavement markings can fade. When this occurs, it can lead to cars knocking into each other or driving in the wrong direction. This is a clear sign that it’s time to restripe the drive-thru lane.

To ensure that the thermoplastic markings are applied correctly and remain visible, the surface must be thoroughly cleaned, free of dirt, debris, and other loose material. Then, the thermoplastic needs to be heated with a propane-powered heating device.

Precision in Practice: How Drive-Thru Marking Installers Ensure Smooth Traffic Flow

In this picture of a new Walgreens and McDonald’s in Arlington Heights, the northbound DRIVE THRU pavement markings are reversed (drivers entering from Dryden Place would expect to travel south in the lane pictured). The incorrect pavement markings could confuse drivers headed to the drive-thru and potentially cause backups that increase the risk of rear-end collisions near the entrance and exit. Incorrect drive-thru pavement markings also expose these drivers to the possibility of being accused of committing a traffic violation.

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