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Nuru Massage is a sensual and intimate experience. It uses the entire body, not just the erogenous zones, to create a connection with your partner.

Do you take all clothes in massage?

The process starts with a warm bath. Next, you will need a massage oil and a special gel. Traditionally made from seaweed, the gel is tasteless and odorless, and leaves your skin soft and smooth.

You can use a ready-made nuru massage gel or make your own at home. Several natural ingredients are included in the gel, such as aloe vera and botanical extracts. These ingredients improve the firmness of your skin.

In addition, the gel is odorless and does not stain, making it safe for any type of skin. Depending on your preferences, you can use almond or coconut oil.

While the nuru massage is perfect for couples, it is also a great activity for singles. A massage with your partner can help you explore new sexual experiences and feelings. Getting a nuru massage can also be a great date night.

When you first try it, it might feel a bit strange. This is because the massage relies on a very slippery material. However, it is easy to wash off once you are done.

It is an erotic massage that helps you relax and unwind from your daily stresses. During the massage, you will experience the best erotic stimulation. Afterward, you can take a relaxing shower or bath, and then you will enjoy a romantic date with your partner.

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