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Trading 212 is one of the UK’s most popular trading apps for beginner investors. Trading 212 isa offers zero-commission trading, a wide range of different assets and an ISA option for tax-free investing.

How much money do you need to start Trading 212?

It is regulated by the FCA and your deposits are protected by the FSCS. It’s also a popular choice for CFD (Contract for Difference) trading, which lets you speculate on market movements without having to buy the underlying asset. The app also supports a range of features such as ‘one-cancels-the-other’ orders, which can help you avoid paying unnecessary margin fees when you trade.

The Trading 212 website and app are straightforward to use, with lots of helpful guides for beginners and a practice portfolio that allows you to test out your skills before investing real money. There’s also a focus on teaching investment through its YouTube channel with hundreds of videos to learn from and guides on the basics.

The Invest and ISA accounts allow you to transfer your current year’s ISA allowance between providers, or move cash between accounts within the same provider. If you move your ISA investments between providers they will be moved as an ‘in specie’ transfer, which keeps the value of your shares in place and avoids any exit charges or stock transfers.

The Trading 212 Invest account allows you to invest in a range of stocks, including major global brands such as Google and Tesla, but also smaller UK companies such as breweries or travel firms. You can also invest in fractional shares, which makes it easier to get started and build up your holding gradually. You can also automatically reinvest dividends into your account, which is a great feature.

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