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Whether you’re looking to lose a few pounds or just want to reshape your body, laser liposuction can help. The procedure is safe and effective, but it may take several weeks to see the full results.

Do you swell after laser lipo?

Laser lipo session can be a great option for those who are healthy and fit, but have a few pockets of unwanted fat that just won’t go away. The procedure involves a small incision and local anesthesia.

The surgeon will use a concentrated laser to melt the fat. After that, the fat will be suctioned out. The resulting skin will be firmer and tighter.

Most clinicians recommend that you take three weeks off from work before you resume strenuous activities. You should also wear a compression garment for a few weeks after your procedure. This will decrease the risk of complications and will promote the healing process.

While laser liposuction is a painless procedure, there is a small amount of swelling. The swelling will diminish within a few days.

A few side effects are common, including bruising and soreness. The surgeon will offer a plan to ensure that you’re ready to return to your normal activities.

You’ll need to be ready for a few weeks of recovery, but many patients are able to go home the day after their procedure. It’s recommended that you have an adult drive you home.

Most people will be able to go back to their normal daily routines in about two weeks. You’ll also need to wear a compression garment for 3-6 weeks. You can also begin low impact exercise within a week or so.

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