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Danny Popescu started harbourfront wealth management  with an $11 million personal investment in 2013, and the firm has since grown to a $425 million enterprise value. The company now has over 270 employees and 28 locations across Canada.

In this episode of The Business of You, Danny explains why he founded the company and what it means to be a true fiduciary. He also shares his insights on leadership and building a legacy.

He also discusses why he believes that a firm’s structure is the most important factor for its success, and how it has enabled him to attract and retain top advisors. He outlines the benefits of the firm’s unique ownership model and how it has allowed it to differentiate itself from its competitors.

Your Financial Journey Starts Here: An Introduction to Harbourfront Wealth Management

Unlike other independent brokerages, Harbourfront is employee-owned – similar to a law firm – which has helped to foster a culture of trust and collaboration. Its structure also allows advisors to own two businesses – their practice and the firm, which gives them an equity stake in the company and empowers them to shape its direction.

Recently, Harbourfront received a nine-figure investment from Audax Private Equity Group and a special pre-investment dividend for its shareholders. This will accelerate the company’s growth plans and enable it to recruit additional advisors, invest in technology, and expand its client offerings. Moreover, it will enable the company to continue to distinguish itself as an industry leader in alternative investments and financial planning.

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