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Bricks  Pavers Melbourne

Whether you’re renovating your home, or simply want to give it a timeless, classic look, bricks and pavers are a great choice. From walkways and driveways to outdoor walls, bricks are an excellent choice for both indoor and outdoor spaces. They’re also highly durable and require little attention over time. Whether you have a heavy traffic area or a small yard, brick pavers can keep you and your visitors safe.

Whether you want to add a touch of elegance to your backyard, or improve your streetscape, you can find bricks and pavers at Melbourne Brick, one of Australia’s leading outdoor flooring suppliers. From choosing your product, to hiring a reputable contractor, Sunshine Roofing & Tiles can help you complete your project. Established in 1988, Melbourne Brick has a long list of satisfied customers, and stocks several major brands. Daniel Robertson and EcoStone are two premium brands that Melbourne Brick carries.

If you have a pool or spa, pavers are a great option for a pool deck. Their non-skid surface provides extra grip even when wet. They are also an excellent choice for entryways and pool decks. They can also enhance the look and feel of any area while adding function and class. Aside from adding value to your home, pavers can make your property more appealing to potential buyers.

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