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Breathwork Practitioner training

Breathwork Practitioner training is a vital step in gaining the skills necessary to offer breathwork healing to others. This hands-on approach helps to release stored energy in the body, which in turn helps the nervous system function properly. It can also be used to create community and connection. This training will teach students how to facilitate group sessions in a compassionate and loving way.URL

How important is a breathwork training?

Transcend Academy provides training for breathwork facilitators that covers both the spiritual and scientific aspects of the technique. The program includes 10 one-on-one breathwork sessions, a business course, and follow-up mentoring. The next training program is scheduled for September 2021, and costs $5500 USD for all three levels.

This breathwork training includes 20 fundamental breath practices, teaching you how to teach others, and facilitating transformative coaching. Many people take this training to deepen their own practice and become more accessible, transportive, and sustainable. For others, it’s an opportunity to make a living teaching breathwork to others.

The training is led by Nicholas de Castella, a world authority on heart-based Emotional Intelligence and founder of the Institute of Heart Intelligence. His work has been part of a global renaissance in the field of emotional intelligence. His workshops have been held all over the world, including New Zealand, Canada, USA, and South Africa.

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