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Customized Educational Play Graphics UK offers a great range of marking products from their base in the UK. Their thermoplastic markings are bright and durable, making them a perfect option for playgrounds and schools. They can be used to create grids for counting games or to add more fun designs, such as animals. They can also be used to mark out a mile track or trail, giving children a chance to get some fresh air and exercise without interrupting their lessons.

Their bespoke markings can include the school’s name, ethos or emblem, fostering a sense of pride in the environment. Their markings can also be multi-sensory, appealing to all learning styles and helping children engage with their lessons in a different way than they might feel comfortable in a classroom.

Fun and Safety: How the Best Playground Markings Enhance UK Play Areas

They offer a wide variety of game markings, including the classic hopscotch which is not only great for physical activity and balance, but can help teach numeracy skills as well. This includes a rainbow design, a number 1-10, and even a hopscotch that teaches numbers in six languages.

The company also offers safety and health markings, designed to be a helpful aid in social distancing during emergencies and other incidents. These markings can be applied to any surface, and are easily visible thanks to their vibrant coloring. They can be used on pavements, roads or in parks and are a quick way to make the area safe for anyone visiting it.

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