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Whether you need to move carts, conveyors, or dollies around your facility, a good set of 4 heavy duty casters can make your job easier. These durable wheels are constructed with solid rubber tires and a swivel to give you smooth rolling.

What makes a good caster wheel?

Swivel 4 heavy duty casters feature a foot operated lever that locks the wheel in place. With a 150 pound load capacity, these casters are designed to withstand heavy use. Featuring a patented design, these casters are non-marking and chemical resistant, making them perfect for industrial applications.

Forged steel wheels boast a slight crown to help enhance swiveling. This caster is also available with a foot operated brake, which provides a cushioned ride for trucks and carts. Also known as a double ball raceway, the caster features a high quality swivel mechanism that gives it a smooth roll.

The Enhanced Precision Super Duty (EPSD) Series is an all new caster that is a significant upgrade from its predecessors. It features new dies, slots, and tooling. Additionally, it has an additional bolt pattern.

The Service Caster Series #30 is a popular caster that’s suitable for a variety of applications. These units are designed for high shock absorption and are great for warehouse carts, freight terminals, and platform trucks. They offer a robust metal body, durable construction, and a wide range of wheel options.

The Hamilton ForgeMaster(tm) Series is another excellent caster from this brand. It features a premium drop forged steel construction, a tapered thrust bearing, and an integrally forged kingpin design.

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