What Is a Demarc Extension?

Demarc Extension in Texas is a point in your building where the telecommunications service provider's equipment ends, and your customer-premises equipment (CPE) begins. Telecommunications service providers will install wiring and upgrade equipment up to the demarc, but after that, it's your responsibility to maintain the circuit. The demarcation box may be located indoors in a shared telecommunications closet (MDF) or outdoors in a weatherproof box. Inside, there is usually a network interface device or smartjack. The jack allows you to connect a standard corded telephone and test out the line, saving you a costly service call from your telecom provider. Extending Your Reach: Demarc Extension in Texas Some buildings are located in areas that are a long distance from where the service provider's network ends, such as in a skyscraper or large corporate campus. In these cases, a demarcation is needed to take the lines closer to the CPE. This is typically a cable installation that can include in-segment equipment, patch cords, or cross-connect. This type of cabling is known by various names including a DMARC extension, T1 extension, service interface extensions, on-premises wiring, and inside cabling. When you have a demarcation installed, you'll need to make sure there's enough space for technicians to work. This will require a little preparation, but it's well worth it in the long run to ensure your business gets the best service possible with minimal downtime. You'll want to have access to the room where the technician will be working and be ready to give them clear directions of where they need to run the new cables. It's also a good idea to prepare the area by locking it down and making sure it's clean and ready for technicians to work.