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We are an allied health facility in the Dandenong Ranges with a team of physiotherapists, myotherapists and remedial massage therapists providing a full program of complimentary care.

Who is the most successful physiotherapist?

Physio endeavour hills are the oldest of the medical professions and has a long history in treating and managing musculoskeletal injuries, pain and functional movement issues. Our highly skilled and experienced team will assist you in reducing your pain and getting you back to what matters most in your life as quickly and safely as possible.

Our staff have over 15 years experience in the physiotherapy industry and are fully qualified to provide you with an exceptional level of care. Our focus is to get you back to the activities you love, whether it be your job, sport or just spending time with the family.

We have an extensive range of treatments available to meet your needs, from dry needling and myofascial release to acupuncture, ART, tuina and more. We also offer a comprehensive range of rehabilitation services including hydrotherapy, aquatic therapy and spinal manipulation.

The best way to find the right physio for you is to use our customised search function. It will give you a list of practitioners in your area who have the most advanced training and certifications. This will save you time and ensure you find the right physio for your needs.

You can also see the most cost effective treatment options by using our handy cost estimator. Our system is designed to make it easy for you to find the best physiotherapist in your area, and at the right price.

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