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A Recruitment agency can help your business find the right employee for the job. The agency’s hiring process should be similar to the one you have in place for internal hiring. The new hire will interview with the same people, and will be paid the same salary and benefits as if they were hired directly. However, the agency will charge a fee for the services they perform.


Recruitment agencies use extensive databases to find the right candidates for a job. They also have experts who can provide valuable advice on labour regulations, industry trends, and corporate culture. A recruitment agency can help you find a good personality fit. They will usually perform background checks on candidates and interview them. Once you have found a great match, the recruitment agency will begin the search for your new job. Check this out : euworkers.fr

The fees charged by a recruitment agency depend on whether they charge a per-placement fee or charge a retainer. When selecting a recruitment agency, make sure to discuss the fees and guarantee period with the agency. Most agencies have a minimum fee for a placement and may even offer a guarantee period.

When choosing a recruitment agency, remember to research the agency thoroughly and select one with high ratings. You can also ask someone in your network to recommend an agency that suits your needs.

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