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The Furniture Assembly London Ontario service helps you assemble all your new home furnishings without the headaches of deciphering complex instructions manuals and finding that one missing piece of hardware. From beds and desks to futons and bike racks, the professionals you book through Handy come equipped with all of the tools they need to get the job done right, no matter what kind of item you’re trying to build.

To save money, look for companies that offer a flat rate per furniture item rather than an hourly fee. These rates may be more affordable for bigger projects, and many providers also offer discounts when customers need multiple items assembled at once. Customers should also find out whether the company has a minimum number of hours that must be met, which could result in a higher bill than expected even if the task takes less time than anticipated.

From Boxes to Beds: Furniture Assembly Services in London, Ontario

Technician liability insurance and labor guarantees are additional benefits to look for from a furniture assembly company. These add-ons provide assurance that a pro will put together your furniture correctly and safely, and they may be able to fix any problems that occur during the assembly process for free.

Some furniture assembly services also offer additional services, such as junk removal. These extras can be useful if you’re replacing an old piece of furniture and need to dispose of it. Some also offer appointment scheduling through their mobile apps and websites, making it easier to manage bookings and reschedule appointments on the go.

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