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Beauty in 2022

Beauty is redefining itself across categories and channels, with younger generations leading the shift as their definitions of beauty — and the industry – morph. From skincare that helps to even skin tone over time to products that target hair loss for men, beauty and well-being are more closely connected than ever before.

With the health crisis driving consumers to focus on self-care and well-being, it’s no wonder that beauty, in particular, has become a go-to category for those seeking an escape from everyday stress. The latest trends are all about bringing balance to one’s appearance with a focus on the entire face. This includes a diffused wing, brushed up brows, and matte lip colors. Learn More

2022 Beauty Breakdown: Trends, Innovations, and Self-Care Revolution”

While grunge and goth makeup remains popular among bolder makeup lovers, the new trend focuses on reinventing the look with a more feminine approach. Eyeliner is in the spotlight this season with a heavy liner look, which can be worn on the lash lines, upper lids, and lower lids.

The 2022 beauty landscape is dominated by the skincare category, with premiumisation at play, as consumers seek products that are personalised to their specific needs. A prime example is Shiseido’s new Light Reflecting Advanced Skincare Foundation, which features intelligent pigmentation that adapts to the wearer’s skin tone.

Another area where the beauty industry is disrupting is in the delivery of treatments at home. The likes of Silk’N’s laser hair removal kit, LED light treatments from brands such as Snow and Theradome, and at-home teeth whitening tools are all in demand.

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