Classic Land Rovers For Sale

From Series One models to the latest Range Rovers, a wide array of classic land rovers for sale can be found in a variety of vintage car garages across the country. These vehicles are all based on the same concept -- a rugged SUV designed to carry people and cargo through the roughest of terrain. Which Defender model is best? The first Land Rover was launched in 1948 and within a few years changed the face of off-road motoring. The vehicle’s squared-off appearance, safari windows and utilitarian design cues would become a staple of the brand’s lineup. With three body styles, two engines, and a wide selection of trims and options, the Defender has been able to adapt to its customer’s preferences over time. It can be customized to prioritize off-road capability, luxury, or a mix of the two. You can still find classic Series and 90 Defenders in the used car market, though they aren’t as popular anymore. Unlike their modern counterparts, these older Defenders were built with 2500cc petrol engines that are known for their off-roading ability. Alternatively, many classic Series and 90 Land Rovers were retrofitted with the newer TD5 Defender engine in 1999 that was ECU controlled for more power. However, these engines are much more complex to repair and haven’t seen as much popularity. If you’re in the market for a used classic Land Rover, it’s important to shop around and compare vehicles. It’s also a good idea to have a professional restore the vehicle for you if it needs work.