MSpy Frequently Asked Questions


Does MSpy come with Customer Support service?

As a company, they value your business and offer the best level of customer care possible to every customer.
When you are purchasing MSpy, you will be able to enjoy free customer support. They hire dedicated support team that is always ready to answer all of your questions. They are also ready to guide you through the installation process in case you need it.

How to install the application?

The installation process of the program can be done in this easy following ways:


Is the phone location displayed on Real Map?

The program displays the location of the phone in real time on real map. MSpy is integrated with Google maps for GPS application. Google Maps integration provides unparalleled ease of use and accuracy.

How long does installation of MSpy take?

You do not need to take a long time to install the program. The installation can be done in less than 5 minutes.

Is MSpy still working if the kids or employees I am monitoring changes their telephone number?

The program keeps working regardless if your kid’s/employee’s telephone number has been changed.

Do users need to reinstall MSpy application if my kid’s/employee’s telephone number is changed?

You do not need to reinstall the application or make any change if your kid’s/employee’s changed his or her telephone number.

After purchasing MSpy program, do I need to pay for monthly fee?

The company does not charge for monthly fees. You do not need to pay for additional charged.

How long is the program good for?

There is no time limitation on software. The program is good for as long as you are using MSpy on compatible phone or other devices.

Does the phone need internet connection for using MSpy program?

The phone does not need to have any internet service for the program to work.

Where is the information from my kid’s/employee’s phone delivered?

Users are able to receive the information gathered from your kid’s/employee’s phone to any email address which is specified. As another option, you can have the information delivered to your cell phone or online web account. MSpy provides instant access to all information collected by the application.

Can I transfer the program from PC from phone by using USB device?

Yes, you can transfer the program by using USB or internet connection.

Do I need to have kid’s/employee’s phone telephone number?

No, you do not need the telephone number if you are planning to install the application to the phone.

Does MSpy support prepaid phones?

Yes, the program support most prepaid phones. You are recommended to check the list of supported phones in the official website.

How much lag time is there with the GPS?

It depends on atmospheric conditions and terrain the delay time in GPS tracking but it is uploaded once every 10 minutes.

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