MSpy App for Monitoring Children and Employee

mSpy is highly recommended if you are looking for the best mobile monitoring program. This powerful application offers the ability for the users to monitor children’s or employees’ phone in many different ways. The new version from the program is working much better than the previous version. The company is using advanced technology to solve bugs and other problems which occurred before. There are many features and abilities which are available in mSpy. The most popular module in this application is text message module. The program is compatible to work with all Apple and Android devices. You just need 1 or 2 minutes to install the program. You need to download and install the application in your kid’s or employee’s phone. Enter the link into each phone browser and enter the license key before restarting the phone. The process is really simple but very effective.

What Features are Provided by mSpy?

Reading Text Message

As it is stated above, mSpy comes with many features and abilities. The first feature is reading text message. Installing the program allows users to read sent and received text messages in target phone. The record of text message activity can be viewed in your Secure Online User Control Panel. You will be able to view the record immediately. If your kid’s or employee’s phone sends or receives text messages, the program will upload and transfer those messages instantly. You do not need to wait for the messages to be uploaded to your control panel. Even if your kid or employee has deleted the messages from their phone, the program is able to retrieve the messages for you to see. The program delivers the text messages exactly as they were sent or received by the phone. The text message logs are including the entire contents of the message, sending telephone number, receiving telephone number, date message sent, and time message sent. The logs can be saved in PDF, TXT, Doc, and other formats so you can have easy and quick access.

View Picture and Video

mSpy app allows users to view pictures and videos in the phone. If your kid or employee watches videos or click and share the pictures, it will be sent to email address which you designate during installation process. You are able view clear and crisp photos and videos exactly as they are in the phone. Users just need to click the link in the email and view pictures and videos in your players. You can also have the option to save the video to your computer, USB flash drive, DVD, or other devices.

Monitor Call Log

The program also features the ability to monitor call log. This is important if you want to know who your kid/employee called or person who called your kid/employee. The program offers you the record on incoming and outgoing call logs immediately after the conversation. The call log feature is working to capture incoming and outgoing call which occurs in the phone. The call logs will be sent to your cell phone or email address immediately so you can view it anytime you want. The information offered by mSpy is including time of call, date of call, call duration, contact name, phone number dialed, and phone number received.

GPS Tracking

mSpy features GPS tracking. It is working to track any phone which is GPS enabled. The program is using real time reporting system which will update the phone location every 10 seconds. You are able to track the phone within just a few feet of its exact location. When your kid’s phone moves, you can keep track of its location within 2 to 5 minutes of actual movement. During the installation, you create an account on their server which allows you to log on and view the location of your kid’s phone anytime. The locations will be displayed in real time on real map.

Monitor Email Activity

mSpy allows the users to monitor the email activity. You will be able to view the exact sent and received email by your kid’s/employee’s phone. You can also monitor the internet activity and the information on website visited by the phone user.

What Next?

The installation of mSpy can be done directly into your kid’s/employee’s phone easily. You need to enter the license key and mobile phone number. You will not need any cable to install the program. The installation can be done within minutes to complete. When you are purchasing mSpy, you will get live 24/7 customer support.

You are able to use mSpy for some purposes. You can use the program for parental control. There are many parents who get worry over their children when they are away from home. It is especially when their children reach teen age years. They tend to stay away from home. Installing the program allows you to track their location. You will be able to know where they are and what they are doing at any given time. You can know whether your children are telling the truth by telling their location or wandering at other places.

mSpy is also suitable for employers to monitor their employee. Installing the program allows you to prevent data leak and inappropriate employee behaviors. You can also use the program to monitor the productivity of the employees. The program offers the ability to control the application in smartphone. Employers are able to block certain functions to improve productivity. It is even better since mSpy is easy to use. You will be able to install and operate the program without too much difficulty.

mSpy is used by parents to protect and monitor their kids from negative threats such as internet or bad person. Based on many surveys, there are high number of negative effects for kids caused by cyber crime or unknown people. The worst thing that can happen is that some of these kids can commit suicide because of the mental stress, even the parents don’t know about it. So by using mSpy, parents can prevent their children from negative effect. mSpy is also used by the corporate owner to monitor employees based on the present applicable law.

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